By Elizabeth McLachlan

Choosing a real estate agent can be tricky as there are so many to choose from. Make sure to sit down with various agents for an interview before you make your choice. Here are some questions that every seller should ask a real estate agent:

1. What experience do you have?

It is vital that you establish the amount of experience and knowledge an estate agent has before you choose one. Also ask about other special certification or areas of expertise that the agent might have.

2. Where will you be advertising my property?

A good agent will use all advertising mediums to advertise you property including billboards, brochures, open houses, newspaper listings and online listings. Be sure to also ask how often ads will be published.

3. What statistics can you show me about previous sales?

An estate agent should have a record of their previous transactions, including how many properties they have listed, how many properties they have sold, the average time it takes them to sell a property, etc. Use this opportunity to ask why some houses were not sold.


4. How accessible are you?

You need your agent to be easily accessible 24/7. If an agent tells you that they are only working part time, you have to accept that he/she won’t be available most of the time. You also want you estate agent to attend the open house personally and not an assistant.

5. What is your commission cut?

Make sure that you agree on this and that you are aware of all terms and conditions.

6. Do you have contactable references?

Ask for the last three sellers not necessarily the last 3 sellers that had their homes sold. You want to hear the good as well as the bad.

7. How many properties do you currently list in my area?

Note that it is a good thing if an agents has had a large number of properties in your area, because this way he/she will be up to date with recent sale activity in the area as well as market prices. What you don’t want is an agent that has a large number of properties in a more expensive area, as this will mean that he/she will focus more on the properties that offer more commission.

8. Are you registered with the Estate Agency Board?

The agent you choose should be registered with the local estate agency board or have an estate agent license. You can contact these institutions to ensure that you agent is registered and that he/she has a clean record, meaning no complaints have been filed against agent the particular agent.

9. What listing price do you suggest and why?

This is a very important question and the agent’s knowledge, experience in your area as well as reasoning behind the price should be taken into consideration. Beware of agents that say ‘yes’ to any price.

10. Do you offer any other services?

Ask agents if they often any other services and if they can make referrals such as property inspectors, bond originators, moving companies etc. Also find out if an agent has any help from assistant or other staff to ensure that he/she will be able to get to all the services that is promised

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By Reed Lattin

When I needed to sell my house in Phoenix really quickly, I turned to a company that was willing to give me an offer on my house right away. I was in debt, and I knew my only solution was to sell my house in Phoenix. I had read on the Internet that there were places that would give you money right away, so I decided to call one of them to sell my Phoenix house. What I found was that when you factor in all of the costs associated with selling a house through a real estate agent, I was going to save money if I chose to sell my house in Phoenix to this company. I really needed to sell my home in Phoenix very quickly.

If I had to sell my house in Phoenix with a real estate agent, I would have been hit with many fees. I was not prepared to pay any fees at the time to sell my home in Phoenix. I did not have to pay any fees when I needed to sell my house in Phoenix with the company I chose. I was also very happy to see that when I did sell my house in Phoenix there were no closing costs involved to sell my Phoenix house. I did not have to worry about contingencies either. In other words, there was no initial cost involved, and no final closing cost.


To sell my house in Phoenix with this company was a delight. I was given an offer to sell my house in Phoenix the very next day after having contacted them. I accepted the offer to sell my house in Phoenix because it was a fair and honest offer. I was happy to sell my home in Phoenix to this company because it was fast and easy, with no hidden surprise costs. I just received my cash money when I did sell my house in Phoenix, and was able to put it towards a smaller house. I made the choice to sell my Phoenix house to avoid a foreclosure that was inevitable.

I was happy to get a smaller house, but when I need to sell my home in Phoenix someday, I will definitely return to the company I was dealing with. When I needed to sell my house in Phoenix very quickly, they helped me with all the paperwork to make it as simple as possible. I know that if I had used a real estate agent to sell my Phoenix house it would have been too confusing and a very lengthy process. That’s why when I did decide to sell my house in Phoenix, I chose the fastest and easiest method I could.

One important lesson that I learned while going through this experience to do research on the company you are dealing. Call the Better Business Bureau to verify their track record. Furthermore, have an attorney review the documents before you sign anything.

About the Author: Reed Lattin is real estate investor in Phoenix, AZ Reed works for which buys all homes of the Better Business Bureau Sell your home fast at


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Submitted by: Brandon Witham

Getting a new furnace installed or repairing old one is always being faced during the winter. Due to shortcomings in the operation mechanism, there will be sometimes that it will develops faults, The best idea to avoid uncomfortable cold is to call on the best service providers to take care of your to the furnace installation. Furnace install Dallas TX have extensively trained group of professional workers that can detect the problem at once and install new furnace on the same space. One who is willing to get the existing furnace repaired can also contact our heater repair Rockwall TX. Our well trained and dedicated team of installers is ready for you. Experts are good in repairing and installation of floor heating devices, split heating unit, central gravity and central force heaters, air filter heater, wall heaters, heat pump system and many more, we schedule to the client time which suits you best, we also help the client by providing our services for virtually all type of furnace brands, installing them and repairing them with the latest technology as we are well experienced in the field. Our services are always available at normal charges without any extra fee.

If your HVAC system, if not securely sustained as well as monitored, have the ability to make you fed-up. Regular expert service as well as recognition to air high quality is the keys to preventing countless health and safety possibilities that can rise from HVAC systems.

Whether due to damage or insufficient routine maintenance, your HVAC system has the ability to quickly emerge as a security hazard for you and your family members. Here are some HVAC-related posed problems and HVAC service Dallas TX can help eliminate them.

Inadequate Moisture


An absence of humidity in winter or dry climates can result in breathing frustrations, dry lips, cracked skin, inflamed throat as well as various health troubles. And can leave your family members susceptible to infection and breathing illness, and can worsen cool and influenza indications. HVAC service Dallas TX can help you by installing a humidifier to govern interior moisture content degrees.

Abnormal Air Filtration

Abnormal air filtration can introduce threat to your family’s health. Poor indoor air qualities due to dust, allergens or air borne irritants are contributors to respiratory system issues and disorders. Individuals allergies happen to be specifically vulnerable. To prevent this, HVAC service Dallas can help you prevent it by servicing or the replacement of the air filters.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide happens to be the most standard and significant safety apprehension having any house HVAC system. Carbon monoxide poisoning happens to be the major, possibly fatal, position that has the ability to develop when every gas-burning system in your residence happens to be weakened, poorly installed or inadequately maintained. It also has the power to generate brain damage or also fatality.

An HVAC companys solution to stay clear of the poisoning is to have your heating system inspected as well as serviced by our competent professional every winter. Because the poisoning is very fast, it’s important to understand as well as watch for the very early signs. We can help you install carbon monoxide.

Electrical Glitches

Electrical problems do arise as well; one standard issue is the water hole within an HVAC system. It’s typical for an air conditioners condensation drain to stop after being used for few years. This can easily create leakage to the system’s electrical components, and can result to hardware failure, as well as produces the danger of electric grief. HVAC service Dallas TX will take proper precautions. Routine preventive upkeep of your central air conditioning process is required to eliminate the threat.

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“I made a mistake and I want him back!” Hindsight can be incredibly painful when you’re dealing with a relationship you ended. When we’re involved with a man and we feel in our heart that the best thing is to end it so we can both move forward towards better suited connections, it takes internal courage to tell him as much. You’ve gotten past that part and perhaps at first you felt you’d made the right decision. Maybe you two argued a lot and the silence after the break up was a welcomed relief. Or perhaps you wanted a more serious commitment and he was always balking at the idea so you finally felt as though you could move forward and find a man who really wanted you forever. Now that the dust has settled and you’ve experienced life without your ex boyfriend you’re realizing that it’s not all you thought it would be. You miss him and it’s become painfully clear to you that you made a horrible mistake. Is there any way you can recover from this or is it time to let him go for good?

Love is a conflicting emotion at times. There are moments when we can feel utterly and hopelessly in love with our man and the next moment we’re pushing him out the door for something he did that hurt us. This is essentially what is happening to you right now. You’ve done the pushing and now you just want another chance to tell him that you realize what a perfect partner he is and how much you truly do need him. It’s important for you to understand that it’s very likely that he’s feeling much the same way you are. Granted he may not have wanted the break up, but since that day he’s likely cycled from loving you and craving your presence again to being glad the split happened. You need to gauge where his emotions are right now if you want to get him to even consider the possibility of a renewed romance with you.


Call him. Yes, it’s truly that simple. Make the call when you feel you won’t come apart emotionally at the seams. Ask him how he is and what’s new in his life. You’re really just fishing for information at this point. If he offers that he’s already involved with someone new, you need to seriously consider whether you’re willing to upend that in an effort to salvage what you two might have. It’s wise to not push for a meeting if he is indeed seeing another woman. Just wish him well and take some concentrated time to think about whether or not it’s worth breaking up something that may be promising for him. Sometimes love is much more about self sacrifice than pursuing your own desires.

If he’s free and single, that’s a completely different and much more exciting story for you. During your reconnection phone call ask him to meet you for coffee. Make it at a time that is most convenient for him and at a location that is close to where he is. When you two meet in person, don’t come on too strong. Your goal for his encounter is to apologize and to let him know that distance has given you an enlightened perspective and you regret breaking up with him.

Don’t expect him to be responsive right away. Chances are very good that he won’t be. He’s going to be apprehensive and wary, as he should be. If that is indeed the case, just give him the time he needs to process your apology. Contact him again in a couple of weeks and suggest a friend type outing, be it a movie or lunch. If he accepts you know that he’s still interested in you too.

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Saying or doing the wrong thing can impact your future with the man you love. If you still need and want him don’t leave your future with him to chance, there are ways to win him back.Author: Gillian Reynolds

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5 Places to Consider Retiring in Florida


Chatter Buzz

Florida has long been a popular destination to retire. With warm climate year-round climate, no state income tax, and lots of activities, it s no wonder Florida appeals to many retirees.

According to the National Association of Realtors , the median home price in February 2014 in the US was $164,000. During that same period in Florida it was $154,000, according to

There are many places to choose from in Florida, depending on your interests. Here are five areas to consider for your ideal retirement location.


1. Treasure Coast – The Treasure Coast is made up of Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River counties. This area includes the cities of Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, and Sebastian. There are beautiful, pristine beaches here and abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. Homes are affordable and you ll find many restaurants, shops, and businesses in the area. The Treasure Coast is close to Miami, Daytona, and Orlando, but doesn t have the population or traffic of these large cities. This area is a desirable place to live for people of all ages.

2. Gulf Coast – The Gulf Coast of Florida has long been popular with retirees, especially around the cities of Tampa and Venice. Watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico while you relax on one of the many miles of white, sandy beaches. Houses are affordable, and you can enjoy amenities like golf or watching professional baseball with the Tampa Bay Rays. More than a third of the population in this area is over the age of 50, so you ll meet plenty of other retirees.

3. Southeast Florida – For a fast pace of life, consider Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach counties. This area includes the cities of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Here you ll find restaurants, shows, museums, shopping, and night life. It s also a great place to live if you like to travel, with three international airports in the area. However, the area has a lot of traffic due to the dense population, and cost of a home is much higher than average for the state.

4. Central Florida – Orlando and its surrounding areas are home to businesses, universities, major theme parks, and a thriving tourist industry. This is one of the few areas in Florida that isn t on the coast, though you re only about few hours away from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Central Florida has affordable homes and plenty to do, so you won t be bored, even without a beach nearby.

5. Florida Panhandle – Northwest Florida includes the cities of Tallahassee, Panama City, and Pensacola. This area is popular due to its beautiful beaches and proximity to Georgia and Alabama. Although the weather is still mild, the northern part of the state does experience a change of seasons. The Panhandle is one of the least populated areas in Florida, and is ideal for those who like country living.

No matter how you picture your retirement, there s a place for you in Florida. If you are interested in purchasing a home, visit Weichert Hallmark\’s Vero Beach Real Estate Agency website to view our current listings or call us at (800) 409-7368.

Chatter Buzz is a freelance writer for

Weichert Hallmark

in Florida.

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Submitted by: Pankaj Wahal

As the investigations by CBI Emaar continue, it is emerging that the real estate giant may have been falsely implicated in a land scam in Hyderabad popularly referred to as Emaar Scam by the media. APIIC or Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation in Hyderabad was given the task of creating a luxury residential township by the Andhra Pradesh government. APIIC or Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation is an organization which has the task of improving the industrial infrastructure in the state of Andhra Pradesh and had earlier constructed and maintains a host of industrial space and infrastructure all over the state of Andhra Pradesh, including the state capital Hyderabad. APIIC needed a third party to assist it in constructing the luxury township and bids were invited by Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation to this effect. Emaar MGF, a joint venture between Emaar Properties and MGF India won the bid and started the work on the project. However, soon there were allegations of land undervaluation and the alleged scam got the name of Emaar Scam just because the name of the reputed real estate giant was sufficient to attract mass attention. A joint CBI Emaar investigation over a period of time however found the real estate giant innocent in the alleged Emaar Scam but the name of the scam remained attached to the real estate firm s name in the mainstream media.

Since the days of Hyderabad, Emaar MGF has proved that Emaar is one of the most transparent organization in the world and believes in fair play. The commitment to bring the accused parties to justice indicates that Emaar has a long term plan to stay in India and is in no mood to make a quick buck and exit the market. Emaar Case has done nothing to shake the confidence of the real estate firm and it is committed to its projects spanning the length and the breadth of the country. It is evident in the number of projects Emaar MGF is presently constructing all over India although the overall industry is still suffering from the impact of US sub prime crisis. It is perhaps the joint venture of Emaar MGF which is keeping the Indian real estate industry afloat and seems to justify the government s decision to allow FDI in real estate.


It was in the year 2005 when Emaar entered India as hitherto the government did not allow foreign players to invest in real estate market in India. In a short span of time, Emaar has gained the respect and trust of the market and seems to be replicating its success story of Dubai in the Indian cities. Dubai, the head quarter of Emaar Properties, is a testimony to the expertise of Emaar as a construction company with Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall vouching for the real estate company. Though Emaar MGF has not undertaken such massive projects in the Indian market as yet, the ongoing projects are massive and huge in the Indian context. A country where infrastructure development still remains a big worry, all projects assigned to Emaar MGF have been completed within the timelines. With the memories of Emaar Scam being left behind and the CBI Emaar reportedly clearing the real estate from the allegations, there seems to no stopping this real estate giant from becoming India s leading real estate company.

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By Adriana Noton

If you are looking for an apartment to rent, you may want to look a little further and buy a home of your own. If you have a look on the internet or sea a Real Estate Agent, do not forget to ask them what different condos for sale.

As with any type housing there is a wide range of these units for sale. From the lower end starter homes, to the extravagantly luxuries condos. Like the ones you see on MTV Cribs and other life style programs.

The concept behind this form of housing is one that is used all over the world. It is sectional ownership of the building. In other words you own your unit or condo in the building. The hallways and driveways and so on are common property and no one owns these areas.

The building and all the common areas are managed by a community made up of owners, with the owners best interest at heart. They manage the building and its financial affairs as well as the behavioral affairs in the building, as much as humanly possible.


Generally speaking there are 4 types of sectional title apartments. Free standing, these condos are for all intends and purposes it is a house, it is on a piece of land and does not touch another condo. The free standing Condo is built on smaller land and for this reason is generally cheaper then the same size home.

A duplex style home is very similar to the freestanding, though one wall is shared, more often then not the wall is a garage wall, you still have a garden and your privacy. This is a good alternative for a family that is looking for their own home but can not afford the price of a traditional house.

Townhouse style has 1 or 2 shared walls and the common area is shared, which in turns means of the common area is shared between the owners. This does make the HOA higher but makes the over all cost of living lower.

Condos that are the most common however are those in middle to high-rise buildings, where 2 or more walls are shared. The HOAs are high because of the maintenance and upkeep being shared between all the owners based on the size of their apartment.

The reality is in the world we live in it is difficult to buy a freestanding home, especially for younger families, just starting out. More people end up renting because the are not aware of all the options available to them. If you are looking at renting an apartment, why not first ask your realtor or have a look on line at the various condos for sale so that you can own your own home.

A fixed asset of this sort can not only boost your life style but it is an investment, one that you can be so proud of. When renting an apartment you can not really make it your own, you have to stick to the land lords paint and decor decisions, with owning you can put up your favorite family photos or paintings. Go ahead and browse and see what you can do for yourself and your family.

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? Make sure you get enough information from friends, relatives or online resources about

Mississauga condos

before you make any decision.


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