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If you are looking for an apartment to rent, you may want to look a little further and buy a home of your own. If you have a look on the internet or sea a Real Estate Agent, do not forget to ask them what different condos for sale.

As with any type housing there is a wide range of these units for sale. From the lower end starter homes, to the extravagantly luxuries condos. Like the ones you see on MTV Cribs and other life style programs.

The concept behind this form of housing is one that is used all over the world. It is sectional ownership of the building. In other words you own your unit or condo in the building. The hallways and driveways and so on are common property and no one owns these areas.

The building and all the common areas are managed by a community made up of owners, with the owners best interest at heart. They manage the building and its financial affairs as well as the behavioral affairs in the building, as much as humanly possible.


Generally speaking there are 4 types of sectional title apartments. Free standing, these condos are for all intends and purposes it is a house, it is on a piece of land and does not touch another condo. The free standing Condo is built on smaller land and for this reason is generally cheaper then the same size home.

A duplex style home is very similar to the freestanding, though one wall is shared, more often then not the wall is a garage wall, you still have a garden and your privacy. This is a good alternative for a family that is looking for their own home but can not afford the price of a traditional house.

Townhouse style has 1 or 2 shared walls and the common area is shared, which in turns means of the common area is shared between the owners. This does make the HOA higher but makes the over all cost of living lower.

Condos that are the most common however are those in middle to high-rise buildings, where 2 or more walls are shared. The HOAs are high because of the maintenance and upkeep being shared between all the owners based on the size of their apartment.

The reality is in the world we live in it is difficult to buy a freestanding home, especially for younger families, just starting out. More people end up renting because the are not aware of all the options available to them. If you are looking at renting an apartment, why not first ask your realtor or have a look on line at the various condos for sale so that you can own your own home.

A fixed asset of this sort can not only boost your life style but it is an investment, one that you can be so proud of. When renting an apartment you can not really make it your own, you have to stick to the land lords paint and decor decisions, with owning you can put up your favorite family photos or paintings. Go ahead and browse and see what you can do for yourself and your family.

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