Cosmetic Plastic Surgery – What Are The Risks Involved?


T EdwardsCosmetic plastic surgery is more popular than ever for many different reasons. But even though this type of surgery can alter and improve any area of the body, there are risks and issues to be aware of. Here is a quick look at some of the more serious issues with this procedure.

One of the bigger risks or side effects of cosmetic plastic surgery will always be infections. Infections can occur from a couple of days following surgery until 2-3 later. It is critical to be aware of this as it can lead to serious issues.

Although infections are not that common, it is something that happens more often with plastic surgeries such as breast augmentation or rhinoplasty.

With that said, don’t freak out and get stressed over it. Knowing what to keep an eye on is important.

Another area is mental. Depending on the type of cosmetic plastic surgery you are having, it may take several weeks or months for the swelling and scarring to go away. It’s easy to feel that something is wrong and the surgery was a failure when that is not the case at all. Be patient and give yourself time to heal.

One of the most important points is to ask your doctor plenty of questions beforehand. Talk with them and understand what to expect before having the procedure.

Having a positive outlook and mind before going through plastic surgery will help you have a smooth procedure as well as help with the healing process.

All in all, the risk of anything going wrong with cosmetic plastic surgery is very low and any problems that may come up can be quickly handled.

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Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Miracle Creams: Both Promise Results, But Which Delivers?


Jeff Hewson

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on our faces as we get older is often the telltale sign of our true age. You may physically feel many years younger, but unfortunately, sometimes our faces give our best-kept secret away. It comes as no surprise, then, that more and more women are constantly looking for new ways to make their face appear younger. From supposed miracle serums and creams, to massages and nutrition, there is nothing that we wont try in an attempt to conceal our age.


Every year, thousands of new products come on the market, each claiming to be the-next-big-thing and promising to turn back the hands of time. We take a look at some treatment (both surgical and non-surgical) options available to women and men, and examine which method is best and will deliver the best long-term results. Face Lift Creams: There are many creams on the market who proclaim to deliver the same results as a facelift, a simple Google search will deliver a plethora of results, with hundreds of cosmetic manufacturers claiming to have created the new miracle cream with the use of pentipeptides and other agents. Many users swear by these products, but their effectiveness has not yet been clinically proven. However, for those who do not want to consider more invasive ant-aging techniques such as surgery, face lift creams may be a more appealing option. Non-Surgical Face Lift: There are many non-surgical procedures now available to patients, most of which operate by heating the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis) in an effort to trigger a healing response from the bodys natural defence. This healing process encourages increased collagen production, and therefore, claims to give patients the appearance of younger-looking skin. Mini-facelift: Perhaps the least invasive method of all facelift surgeries is the mini-facelift, a procedure which gives patients a significant improvement in their appearance whilst keeping scarring to an absolute minimum. This in turn reduces the bruising and recovery time significantly, when compared to that of a standard facelift. Standard Facelift: When most people think of cosmetic surgery to enhance the appearance of the face, they think of the standard facelift. In this procedure, incisions are made just above the hairline at the temples, and extend to the hairline behind the ear. The skin and muscle below is then tightened, and fat is trimmed from around the chin and neck to improve contouring. The skin is then pulled back and secured with stitches to close the incisions. There is a period of recovery associated with the full facelift, but when it comes to turning back the hands of time, most patients are delighted with the results. Whilst the less invasive options may provide short-term results, visibly, the effects of the product often take weeks to appear, compared to the instantaneous outcome of surgical procedures, such as the mini and standard face lifts. These non-invasive products will suit those who want to avoid the surgery route, but those who desire immediate, long-term results, are best looking in to procedures such as a mini or standard face lift. For more information on Face Lifts Toronto, consult your local cosmetic surgery consultant, who will be able to advice on the best treatment option for you.

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Submitted by: Susan Hornby

In the last decade or so cosmetic surgery has grown significantly in popularity with celebrities and TV production companies all getting involved. With so many people turning to cosmetic surgery to enhance their looks should you also be looking to cosmetic surgery? It should be clearly stated that cosmetic surgery is not for everyone but does offer some significant benefits. Today we are going to look at the five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.


Despite the recession, skin care provided by both untrained and trained cosmeticians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons remains the most popular treatments at present. These can vary from Botox which is greatly overused to fillers which may have short-term and long-term side effects and skin peels which vary in the depth of damage to the skin and have the side effects in the deeper peels which are the most effective of altering skin pigmentation.



Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgical operation undertaken in the United Kingdom. Whilst under the influence of very commercial constraints, patients should take great care in their choice of surgeon. Principally, for the important advice they should receive preoperatively because there are many compromises to be made in this operation with regards to the type of prosthesis and its actual surgical technique performed. The patient should also look for the long-term care they are likely to receive as these prostheses will not last forever. Lastly, there are ways of greatly reducing the incidence of capsular contracture which remains the principle complication of this operation.


Liposuction is the most common operative procedure in the United States. The principle is that each person has a set amount of fat cells which can get bigger and each cell can increase in size as you gain weight and decrease in size as you lose weight. Therefore, by removing some of these fat cells, you can alter the number of cells that are present to get bigger or smaller. This removal of the fat cells can be by any form of physical force, i.e. the muscle power of the surgeon, ultrasound, laser etc. There is no evidence that any particular force is better than another. A liberated fat is best sucked away because,

a.It can cause local inflammation.

b.The fat can be reabsorbed and deposited in other areas of the body.

Liposuction has the biggest touch up rate or secondary surgery of any cosmetic surgery procedure.


With the aging population, the so called baby boomers live in a competitive environment and also have better health and a longer lifespan. Many patients wish to look as their body feels. The facelift surgery therefore has become much more common and usually involves a scar in front of and behind the ear with a further small scar under the chin. The principal mechanism of lift is on the SMAS layer which allows the surgeon to avoid damaging the underlying nerves and also gaining the maximum lift on the deep tissues avoids undue tension on the overlying skin. Creases are not removed by facelift. They are removed by resurfacing peels.


As part of the aging process the first signs of aging are often around the eyes with a slight drooping of the eyebrows, there develops excess skin in the upper eyelids which can be removed by a simple operative procedure usually undertaken under local anaesthetic. If the brow is however low, then this is contraindicated and a brow lift is more appropriate. As part of the aging process, fat is redistributed around the face and with the weakening ligaments around the eyes, eye bags can become apparent in the lower eyelid. Lower eyelid surgery is probably the most technically demanding of cosmetic surgery operations with the highest incidents of long-term complications.

There are of course many other types of procedures available with each offering their own set of benefits. If you are considering surgery make sure you consult a reputable clinic and are entirely comfortable with the operation. It is always essential to use your common sense and keep to the recommended safety advice.

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Submitted by: Maria Mincey

The different PHP frameworks collectively make PHP tick as they come with several mutually-shared advanced features, and combine them with their own distinct capabilities. They stay affectionately true to the technology and give the users ample reasons to embrace technology in all its new forms.

Arguably the most popular server side scripting language used for developing web applications, PHP has powered technology masters to come up with innovations unfathomed a decade ago or so. This technology gives ample room for unprecedented leverage of imagination and knowledge. The applications developed using PHP exemplify high end functionality and sophisticated utilization.

Now, there are several PHP frameworks, with each having its own space in the development market. These frameworks collectively make PHP tick as they come with several mutually shared advanced features, and combine them with their own distinct capabilities. They stay affectionately true to the technology and give the users ample reasons to embrace technology in all its new forms. The most popular PHP frameworks include:

Cake PHP


An extremely easy platform to install, Cake ranks among the very best offerings of PHP. It is an amalgamation of some new age tools and the conventional PHP attributes that have made it what it is on this date. With a highly intuitive and resourceful Model View Control to enhance its usability, Cake allows easy customization and seamless prototype building. It is also a sort of modular framework which does not demand exclusive programmers all the time. Folks with average programming skills can also code in Cake PHP and come up with darn good apps.

Smarty PHP

Smarty PHP or Smarty Template Engine stays true to its name by staying smart. It is a highly intuitive framework that leans towards user friendliness. It does not take you to a mind trip if you wish to understand the code structure. So, the average programmers who wish to create not so emphatic applications find it harmonizing to work with. On the other hand, it gives a free rein to the advanced programmers who want to boil their product with everything that the technology has to offer. The interface is made such that it keeps everything abstract and hides the intricate details from the user. The whole bevy of extensions further help you create heady applications without going all out while writing codes.


Another popular PHP framework, Zend is a framework that lets you personalize applications the way you want. You create state of the art applications applying radical thought process. For those with a clear cut idea of what they want and how they want it, Zend proves to be an amicable partner as it gives them absolute freedom to go flat out creative. It also takes all the security concerns in its stride and makes it an extremely galling task for hackers to break into the application security algorithms.


Symfony works in total symphony with the developer and his/her ambitions. For those looking to create cutting-edge applications that offer unequivocal benefits, Symfony is the go-to PHP framework. The extensive libraries and extensions make innovation a breeze.

Hire PHP programmers who can carefully evaluate your business requirements and measure them against the distinct features that each framework offers. PHP development outsourcing is an alternative that reaps equally good at times, better benefits.

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Submitted by: My Ellura

Urinary tract infection is among the most common and most painful infection that women have to go through in their life. A urinary infection can happen to women of any age. This infection usually comes unnoticed and sudden. You feel this sudden pain your body and you don t know how to get over it. In order to get a quick urinary tract infection relief you can try some natural remedies to get rid of this pain. Women are highly susceptible to get this infection even more than men that s why almost every woman suffer from this urinary tract infection at some point in her life.

If you are tired of this pain, you need to take careful precautions to make sure it doesn t happen again. You can t allow this infection control your life. You need to learn some natural urinary tract infection relief remedies to fight against it. It is not important and necessary to take pills; you can start the cure from your own home with simple and effective remedies. With natural remedies you can start noticing its effects from the very first day. First thing that you can do is heat treatment. Heat works to relieve your tense muscles by opening them up and allow fresh blood following through them. Fresh blood helps to kill all the attacking bacteria s in the body that cause the infection which will be a great relief in pain.


This infection can also be cured by taking vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens your immune system which further helps to fight against harmful bacteria s in the body. With this precaution you can easily get rid of urinal tract infection and from the pain. A strong immune system is very important to fight off the harmful bacteria s in the body and its helps to overcome from the infection faster. Hot water bath is another way that acts as a urinary tract infection relief remedy. Feeling warm water all around your body will make you feel relaxed. Adding a little bit of Epsom salt to your bath will double your power of fighting against the infection. Salt water acts as a very helpful relief and it kills the harmful bacteria s as well.

Always try to use natural remedies to get the kind of relief you are looking for and to cure infections as these natural methods are much safer to use and they are very effective as well. You can easily escape from urinary tract infection with these simple steps. They act as great urinary tract infection relief remedies and also help you to get rid of this infection forever. When you have all the cures available at your home it is of no use to take pills because you can get the same relief from natural curing methods.

There are no significant symptoms that can tell you when you develop this problem. Therefore it is advisable to make a habit of not overlooking any of the changes that you discover in your urine habits. It may not cure the problem but give you a chance to take steps to cure it.

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Facelift in Thailand – Face to face with the future


Shayne V

Hello everyone, it is me again. Remember how I talked about having a facelift in Thailand well I just want to update you all on my adventures and progress, to say it has been a wild ride would be an understatement. I knew that it would be different but I never knew how different it would be or what I was really up against until it all happened and it happened so fast that I was quite positive that something had gone wrong or awry. Let me tell you that Thailand is a fantastic place and Bangkok is indeed one heck of a vibrant city. The company I dealt with for the facelift were very polite and welcoming and spoke great English. I was shown to my hotel and given a rundown of what would happen in the fortcoming days. I decided to pamper myself at the hotel as I think that was justified and then, over the next days, I met with the doctors and surgeons who would be helping me with this procedure.


I could not believe that they were all so friendly, knowledgeable and also trained in the USA. That was very comforting as, I am sure you can remember, I did have initial doubts as to the skill and competency of the surgeons who would be performing the facelift in Thailand compared to the doctors I was used to working with back home. The hospital I dealt with was beautifully clean and hugely modern and I really was made to feel like a queen throughout the whole process. Before I knew it the process was over and it was on to my recovery and recuperation plan. This was outlined to me at the start and basically meant I had a real excuse to spend the day lounging on a sun drenched beach drinking cocktails and reading the latest John Grisham novel.

All in all, as I look in to the mirror now, and I see myself after the facelift that I had in Thailand I cannot really imagine my life being any different, that is, I wonder to myself why I had never discovered this sooner. I look and feel great and I have gained my zest for life back again. My kids were initially worried about the procedure as I was in case of complications but now they can see just how great it is and my 15 year old daughter is now thinking of having cosmetic surgery in Bangkok too but that is something I will definitely be nipping in the bud as she is too young. Kids these days! Overall then, I am very pleased with the facelift I had in Thailand and now all my girlfriends are wanting to know how they too can have younger looking faces for a fraction of the price. I laugh and just tell them to get on a plane to Bangkok and have a facelift there; the outlook is certainly brighter than it would be if I had the same procedure back at home. Thanks for reading this.

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Stretch Marks Surgery


Sandra Hargreaves

Stretch mark surgery is also available for all parts of the body and as of the moment, only a tummy tuck is available to remove abdominal stretch marks. Stretch mark surgery is by far the most pricey and also risky. This stretch mark surgery is often performed by your cosmetic surgeon and needs substantially greater recovery period afterward.

Abdominoplasty surgery(tummy tuck) is probably the only sort of surgery that truly removes stretch marks. In this procedure, the abdomen wall is made tighter by doing away with extra skin in the region of the stomach. The hefty price of stretch mark surgery is hardly ever covered by health insurance policies, because elimination of stretch marks is thought of a cosmetic procedure.


The bottom line is you are responsible for the stretch mark surgery expenses, so it pays to inform yourself on the funding selections that are available to you. Stretch mark surgery expenses are going to fluctuate widely based on the amount of work you will have completed plus the type of stretch mark treatment you choose. Once you have selected a doctor to execute your procedure, make sure you have a thorough knowledge of stretch mark surgery expenses so you are aware of specifically the amount to schedule for. Plastic surgery is really the best solution for removal of the stretch marks permanently.

Laser surgery is only really successful on stretch marks which are in the early stages of development, while they are dark red or brown. Laser surgery may not altogether remove all stretch marks though, but can substantially diminish them. Laser surgery for stretch marks removes dead and injured skin cells whilst sealing damaged blood vessels. It’s the most up-to-date and most impressive techniques used in the treatment of stretch marks.

Laser surgery will take off the top layers of the skin to promote the growth of fresh skin. If you ve had your stretch marks for a few years and they re now a silver- white or flesh colour, classic laser surgery most likely isn t an option, because they won t be detected by the laser. Even So, there’s hope for those who have mature or pale colored stretch marks with recent research and methods now being developed in the world of laser stretch mark surgery. A new laser procedure named Coolbeam claims to promote the output of fresh collagen inside compressed stretch marks, where a loss of elastic tissue and collagen play a major function. Despite the fact that you may be enticed by the cheaper prices that you find using types of procedures like dermabrasion, chemical peels as well as laser surgery, keep in mind that your expense may escalate when repeat sessions are considered necessary to obtain the ideal conclusion.

For the most part, stretch marks can be considered to be unappealing and many individuals look for modes of removing them altogether via stretch mark removal surgery. If you are uneasy with your stretch marks, keep in mind researching each option for removal of stretch marks to see which one best meets your finances and requirements. Surgical Stretch mark removal or stretch mark surgery is the only effective approach which can assure you a complete and enduring eradication of stretch marks from your skin. The effects from stretch mark surgery will be very powerful generally.

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By Rena Graham

When it comes to surgery, it always follows that there will be potential risks involved. Liposuction, in that case, is no exception. No matter how small the incisions are required for it, there are certain disadvantages or unwanted effects which remain to be a possibility.

That is why it is essential that those who are planning to have the procedure done, are well aware of the risks. In that way, you can discuss any concerns with your surgeon, and also for you to come up with an informed decision.


A risk that will always be present in any invasive procedure is infection. The fact that incisions will be made, no matter how small they may be, creates a portal of entry of any foreign material. That is why first and foremost, you must have your liposuction done in a reputable clinic with a surgeon who ensures strict aseptic technique.

The aftercare part, which is largely you responsibility can also introduce infection if you fail to follow instructions. Make sure that you always handle your wound with clean hands and materials. Antibiotic treatment which will be prescribed as protocol should be taken for the entire course, to create stronger resistance against infection.


One of the common concerns the individuals have with invasive procedures are the possibility of scarring. There are various reasons for scars to occur. It can be to genetic makeup of your body, poor wound care or delayed healing.


The advantage with liposuction is that only minor incisions would have to be made. The surgeon can also create them in areas where they can be less visible. For instance with chest liposuction for gynecomastia, the incisions can be made on the breast contours or near the armpit.

There are a number of ways to lighten the scars and to minimize its elevation. First up, you need to protect it against sun exposure. This will prevent darkening which will only highlight the problem. Then, you can massage this regularly using scar minimizing creams which you can buy over the counter.

Possible Organ Damage

The techniques used in liposuction require rigorous movements in order to dislodge fat tissues for easy suctioning. Since the surgeon is practically relying on his knowledge on anatomy and palpation methods, anyone with poor skills on this can risk puncturing nearby organs. This is another reason why you should entrust your surgery to a highly trained and experienced surgeon particularly on liposuction surgery.

Fluid & Electrolyte Imbalance

During the course of the procedure fat tissues are not the only ones that are suctioned out of your body. Along with them are body fluids which is also contains electrolytes. Electrolytes are important components that aid in proper body functioning (e.g. sodium, potassium). Because of this, liposuction puts the patient at risk for developing fluid and electrolyte imbalance.

But in some cases, particularly with tumescent liposuction, where anesthetic fluids are introduced into the body, this can place the body at risk for fluid overload. This can be send the heart to cardiac overload and the lungs into pulmonary edema, both serious complications.

Excessive Bleeding

As mentioned earlier, only a small incision is required for liposuction. But despite that, this can already create a risk for bleeding because level of entry runs deep. If a person already has clotting problems, a small wound can be a very dangerous break in skin integrity. That is why extensive evaluation and proper blood examinations would have to be conducted before you will be cleared for surgery.

Contour Irregularities

This particular risk is largely dependent on the skill and aesthetic judgement of the surgeon. Oversuctioning of the fats can result irregular contours as it results to depressions, bumps, and asymmetries. A good surgeon would assess the area repeatedly during the course of the procedure to ensure that it will create smooth results.

Knowing the risks and possible side effects associated with the procedure will certainly help you to be prepared about what you are putting yourself into. It also opens the door for a more thorough discussion with your surgeon. This will help you come up with a better surgical plan. Another thing is that, although liposuction prices in Australia may not always come cheap, you should never place yourself at greater risk, by opting for cheaper and questionable services.

Excess skin

Due to the removal of fats from a particular area, it can be expected that there will be a surplus of skin. Unfortunately this excess can come out sagging, making the results less attractive. Adding to that, some individuals also have poor skin elasticity. And to fix this problem, a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty would have to be done.

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