“I made a mistake and I want him back!” Hindsight can be incredibly painful when you’re dealing with a relationship you ended. When we’re involved with a man and we feel in our heart that the best thing is to end it so we can both move forward towards better suited connections, it takes internal courage to tell him as much. You’ve gotten past that part and perhaps at first you felt you’d made the right decision. Maybe you two argued a lot and the silence after the break up was a welcomed relief. Or perhaps you wanted a more serious commitment and he was always balking at the idea so you finally felt as though you could move forward and find a man who really wanted you forever. Now that the dust has settled and you’ve experienced life without your ex boyfriend you’re realizing that it’s not all you thought it would be. You miss him and it’s become painfully clear to you that you made a horrible mistake. Is there any way you can recover from this or is it time to let him go for good?

Love is a conflicting emotion at times. There are moments when we can feel utterly and hopelessly in love with our man and the next moment we’re pushing him out the door for something he did that hurt us. This is essentially what is happening to you right now. You’ve done the pushing and now you just want another chance to tell him that you realize what a perfect partner he is and how much you truly do need him. It’s important for you to understand that it’s very likely that he’s feeling much the same way you are. Granted he may not have wanted the break up, but since that day he’s likely cycled from loving you and craving your presence again to being glad the split happened. You need to gauge where his emotions are right now if you want to get him to even consider the possibility of a renewed romance with you.


Call him. Yes, it’s truly that simple. Make the call when you feel you won’t come apart emotionally at the seams. Ask him how he is and what’s new in his life. You’re really just fishing for information at this point. If he offers that he’s already involved with someone new, you need to seriously consider whether you’re willing to upend that in an effort to salvage what you two might have. It’s wise to not push for a meeting if he is indeed seeing another woman. Just wish him well and take some concentrated time to think about whether or not it’s worth breaking up something that may be promising for him. Sometimes love is much more about self sacrifice than pursuing your own desires.

If he’s free and single, that’s a completely different and much more exciting story for you. During your reconnection phone call ask him to meet you for coffee. Make it at a time that is most convenient for him and at a location that is close to where he is. When you two meet in person, don’t come on too strong. Your goal for his encounter is to apologize and to let him know that distance has given you an enlightened perspective and you regret breaking up with him.

Don’t expect him to be responsive right away. Chances are very good that he won’t be. He’s going to be apprehensive and wary, as he should be. If that is indeed the case, just give him the time he needs to process your apology. Contact him again in a couple of weeks and suggest a friend type outing, be it a movie or lunch. If he accepts you know that he’s still interested in you too.

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