Things to Do When Your Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Fails


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and heating systems are machinery that can break down any time. It can take few days by professionals to repair those machinery and fix the issues occurred, which can in a way hamper the daily activities of home owners. When a air conditioning and heating systems fails, the first thing to do is to call a air conditioning and heating repair service offering company and ask for a professional technicians that can fix the issues. Although many company offer emergency repair services these days, but in case of a heat blizzard or wave, helping customers immediately may not be possible. So, it is very important for homeowners to learn few safety measures that they can take while the professionals reach their place and help them.

Here are few things that you can so when AC breaks down


Drink fresh fruit juices which are full of full of Vitamin C and cold water. This will help you in keeping refreshing in hot weather without AC. Further, eating a cold frozen food can also work in keeping your calm and cool.

Jump in your swimming pools several times during day time while taking a complete bath before going to sleep can keep your body temperature down. You will feel more relaxing. In case you do not have a swimming pool in your house than purchase a kiddie\’s wading pool.


Sit under the fan and drink plenty of water. Drinking lot of water throughout the day can keep you hydrated and allow your perspiration and evaporation systems to chill in hot weather.

Things to do when your heater stops working


Fireplace is an alternative to keep the house warm normally. Even though, it is not safe, but using them when your home s heating system stop working can work for a while.

Bake food in microwave or oven to eat hot delicious food in cold weather. Also, it will warm your kitchen space where you can feel warm for a while.

Drink more hot beverages like hot coffee, tea, apple cider and cocoa that can keep your body warm and allow you to feel more relaxing and comfortable in cold weather.

Grip your family members and sit under a warm blanket, enjoy watching movies, eating popcorn, watching television, etc.

These above mentioned things can help you in staying relax till he time technician arrive at your place and fix the problems with your air conditioning and heating systems. Also, you do not need to be tensioned and frustrated till the time your system get repaired.

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