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1. Wait for approval from society, from your family, from your friends, from your colleagues.

2. Be an innovator. (Innovation is a slow process which doesn’t necessarily pan out. Instead of inventing something new, improve on what already exists. Copy. See what works and jump on the bandwagon. Do it better, more powerfully, maybe with a twist. The Wright Brothers didn’t have the original idea of creating an airplane, but they kept working on it and didn’t give up until it was perfected.)

The Wright Brothers didn’t come up with the original idea of flight, but they had an unwillingness to give up on their dream of flying. They were persistent and when we have persistence and inspiration, that’s when luck happens.

They key is to start the process, to implement something, because it is far easier to go from one success to another than it is to go from failure to success. You’ve all heard of the law of physics that says a body in motion tends to stay in motion. This theory holds true in terms of wealth accumulation as well. It’s easier to change direction slightly while you’re moving in the right direction than it is to start from a standstill and get up and running.


3. Work on salary. (No one on the list of Forbes 500 makes a salary, so if you want to avoid being super wealthy, keep accepting one. Instead, if you are looking to go off the charts, think ownership. Being on salary might be ‘comfortable’ but not outlandishly wealthy. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘If i could just earn a bit more salary. . . ‘ Why not instead ask yourself, ‘How can I start a billion dollar business while still keeping my salary?’ Remember, however, that salary alone will not do it.

4. Manage your portfolio adroitly. (This one’s going to annoy my adviser clients. But look at it this way, historically, if you really look at it, portfolio management doesn’t create massive wealth. Even Warren Buffet doesn’t make his money passively investing. Managing your portfolio and waiting for the rest of the world to discovered the stock you bought is not the way to make enormous wealth.)

5. Think up ideas versus capitalizing on tried and true ones. Thinking that you’re going to create your wealth from an original idea has historically shown not to work very well. A lot of us think, ‘We’ve just got to come up with that really good idea.’ There are more really great ideas that have not created billionaires than you can imagine.

6. Allow your desire for wealth to prevent you from taking appropriate action. You most certainly have to put yourself in the path of affluence.

So now that I’ve shown you what not to do, stay tuned for more articles on how to install an affluent mindset and check out Or you can get further on the path to not becoming a billionaire by trying step seven.

7. Do exactly what you’ve been doing.

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