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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Female lawyers in Saudi Arabia may soon be granted limited court access for the first time. Mohammed al-Issa, the justice minister, said that the law was part of King Abdullah’s ongoing reform to Saudi Arabia’s judicial system. The law would allow female lawyers to represent other women at family-related cases, including marriage, divorce, and child custody.

Saudi women that are educated in law are currently permitted to work in the female section of government and court offices. Positions of higher authority are reserved for the opposite sex. The Saudi government is also building specialized “personal status” or family courts where female lawyers will be permitted to practice.

Women rights are strictly defined by Islamic Sharia law in Saudi Arabia. Employment and educational opportunities are dependent on a system of male guardianship. For example, a female under the age of 45 must gain the approval of a male before traveling.

According to the BBC, the law and other minor changes are steps in the direction of easing restrictions placed on Saudi women.

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Sport Utility Vehicle Gas Mileage


Spencer H.

The Sport Utility Vehicle is one of the most popular types of vehicles in todays market. Car producers have recognized this trend and have flooded the market with large gas guzzling tanks on wheels.

Dodge, Nissan, GMC and Hummer have all acknowledged the demand for sport utility vehicle. Now that gas prices are near record highs the market is looking for fuel economy, but dont count out the sport utility vehicle. Car makers have started developing the same big roomy vehicles with better gas mileage and a more affordable fuel economy.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V ranks as one of the best fuel economy sport utility vehicle on the market. The Honda CR-V may not be your traditional big sport utility vehicle , but it give you the same utility as other sport utility vehicle with a greater affordability and fuel economy.

The Honda CR-V provides one of the best combinations of utility and affordability in the sport utility vehicle class with increased fuel economy, power and a sleek exterior.

YouTube Preview Image

The Honda CR-V sport utility vehicle is often compared to the Toyota RAV4 sport utility vehicle which is another leader in the sport utility vehicle class.

Toyota Rav4

The two are very similar, though the Honda CR-V sport utility vehicle has an easier to use tailgate and better interior. However, the Toyota RAV4 sport utility vehicle has better fuel economy with a more powerful engine.

The 2010 Volkswagen Tiguan is also one of the best fuel economy sport utility vehicles. A combo of the a tiger and iguana the Tiguan is a sporty German chic sport utility vehicle with good affordability and design as well as great gas mileage.

Volkwagen Tiguan

Whether you are looking for a safe and sound full-bodied sport utility vehicle large enough to cater to a full family or if you are looking for a family sport utility vehicles with a great prominence on comfortability, or extravagance and chic as you can now have the option of chasseing a sport utility vehicles with fuel economy.

The Tiguan has been one of the fastest-selling sport utility vehicles in the nation. The only problem with the Tiguan is that it is more costly than others.

You may find it has great fuel economy but will cost more to drive off the lot, for a more reasonably priced option think about the Toyota RAV4. Toyota has resumed sales of their automobiles as it had stopped sales to address troubles with the accelerators.

GMC Terrain

Another option for a surprisingly good fuel economy sport utility vehicles is the GMC Terrain. The GMC Terrain is a new compact crossover sport utility vehicles with great value and excellent fuel economy as well as an eye catching interior.

The GMC Terrain sport utility vehicle is none as one of a kind for its brave fashion and outstanding freeway fuel economy, highest in its class. The price is just right too, around $24,000.

Keep in mind that after longer than a decade on the market the Toyota RAV4 keeps on selling for its first-rate amalgamations.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

United States Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska has been indicted by federal grand jury on seven criminal counts for making false statements in his Senate financial disclosure forms. The longest-serving Republican in the Senate, Stevens is the highest-profile politician ensnared in the corruption scandal surrounding VECO Corporation and its executives’ attempts to influence politics.

VECO, a subsidiary of CH2M Hill as of September 2007, is an oil pipeline and services company. It is alleged to have funded renovations to the Stevens home in Girdwood, Alaska in 2000. The renovations include a new garage and first floor, a two story wrap-around deck, as well as new wiring and plumbing. In 2007, VECO chief executive Bill Allen pleaded guilty to charges of extortion, bribery, and conspiracy.

The 28-page indictment alleges that Stevens “knowingly and willfully engaged in a scheme to conceal” gifts from VECO, which totaled “hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of things of value.”

A press release was issued by Stevens’ office in response to the allegations: “I am innocent of these charges and intend to prove that.” And Stevens himself commented, “I have never knowingly submitted a false disclosure form required by law as a U.S. senator.” Senator Daniel Inouye, a close friend of Stevens, commented: “As far as he’s concerned, he’s not guilty. And I believe him.”

Stevens was reportedly caught unawares on Tuesday when the indictment charge was filed. “Apparently, the media knew about it before he did,” Inouye stated, adding that he had just talked to Stevens. Ted Stevens was in a meeting with other Republicans when he found out about the charge.

Stevens is the longest-serving Republican senator in history and is up for reelection this November. Calls to his office in Washington for comment were redirected to a voicemail indicating that his “office is closed.”

The United States Department of Justice says it has already obtained seven convictions in the case: Peter Kott, a former Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives; Thomas T. Anderson, a former state representative; Victor H. Kohring, another representative; James A. Clark, chief of staff to the former governor of Alaska; William Bobrick, a lobbyist; Bill Allen, VECO chief executive; and Richard L. Smith, VECO vice president of government relations.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

China’s Xinhua News Agency said Tuesday that at least 53 people were killed in Shanghai during a deadly fire. The blaze, which occurred on Monday at 2:15 p.m. CST (0615 UTC), consumed a 28-story high-rise apartment building in the city’s Jing’an District.

The building was being renovated at the time of the fire, and was home to over 150 families. At least 100 victims have been admitted to area hospitals, although some later died. Most survivors were not seriously injured, but needed treatment for smoke inhalation. Firefighters were still looking for survivors and over 70 were still hospitalized on the morning after the fire.

The fire was the worst in recent Shanghai history and took over 100 fire engines more than four hours to contain. Strong winds blew heavy smoke into the air, hampering rescue efforts by helicopters. The smoke was seen by witnesses around 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) away from the high-rise. The fire was largely extinguished by 6:30 p.m. local time (1000 UTC), allowing fire and rescue officials to enter the building.

The apartment building, built in the late 1990s, was home to mainly retired teachers. Some residents climbed down the scaffolding to escape, while others called for help but were unable to flee the blaze. “I saw at least four or five people hanging onto the scaffolding which covers the building, screaming for help,” said Li Qubo, who was working near the high-rise.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but local residents said fire safety regulations were not strict, and workers often tossed used cigarettes into the building’s hallways. Qiu Jingshu, a 38-year-old worker who was outside the 18th floor when the fire struck, said he saw sparks from welding being done on an adjacent building fly over onto the high-rise. The sparks lit up foam on the scaffolding around the apartment, according to Qiu. “We had tried to put out the blaze, but the fire was so big and spread so quickly that we could barely escape ourselves,” he said. Crews were said to have been installing insulation at the time of the fire, and witnesses saw construction materials on fire before the building was overtaken by flames.

Two nearby buildings were evacuated, and their residents were temporarily sent to local hotels, and a school. Meng Jianzhu, China’s Minister of Public Security, said that an investigation would determine who was responsible for the fire, so they could be punished accordingly. Meng said that a team had been formed under China’s State Council to look into the disaster.

A similar incident occurred in Beijing early last year. In February 2009, the illegal use of fireworks caused a fire that gutted a 34-story building under construction at the time.

Shanghai has a population of about 20 million, housed mainly in high-rise apartments. Many buildings in the city are under construction or being renovated.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Indian aviation sector looks set to shrink amid financial turmoil, with the nation’s air carriers in schemes to try and ride out the problems and domestic air traffic at a five year low.

Air traffic has fallen by 19% in September, the fourth month in a row of negative growth. The news comes as a joint result of the current financial crisis and high jet fuel prices, with Indian airlines in debt to the tune of Rs1,800 crore after surpassing their credit limits with oil companies, who are themselves making losses due to government controls on the price of jet fuel.

Kingfisher Red – originally known as Air Deccan, India’s first budget carrier, until Kingfisher Airlines bought the company out – suffered the biggest drop in passenger numbers at 20% of their load factor. Flag carrier Air India is running at 53% of capacity after a 10% fall, and the average for airlines is now 55% as opposed to 65% this time last year.

Kingfisher Airlines has decided to enter an alliance with Jet Airlines that will see them collectively control half the Indian aviation market. Both airlines are in debt over fuel payments with Jet owing Rs850 crore while Kingfisher refused to disclose the amount they needed to pay. The money is owed mainly to the Indian Oil Corporation, with the rest owed to the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation and the Bharat Petroleum Corporation. 45% of costs for Indian carriers is fuel, which is 70% more expensive than abroad due to multiple taxes.

Air India’s head Raghu Menon expressed concern about what the Kingfisher-Jet alliance meant for his own airline. “We were competing with both these airlines separately. Now we’ll be competing with them perhaps as one entity. It’ll be a challenge,” he said.

Kingfisher have cancelled an order for three A340 aircraft from European airframer Airbus. Airbus executive John Leahy said that Airbus had discussed the issue with Kingfisher before the choice was made and that this was the only cancellation from India. He also maintains that India will be an important area for Airbus, with the firm predicting Indian aviation growth will be at 9.7% compared to a global rate of 5.4%. Airbus predict that 1,000 new aircraft will increase the Indian fleet fivefold by 2026. Airbus have also welcomed the partnership between Jet and Kingfisher, saying it will help consolidate the carriers.

Airlines are cutting capacity to reduce costs, with around 20% gone already. Average flight movements are down to 8,000 a week compared to 10,500 in the period from April to June. The aviation industry in India is expected to post a collective loss of US$2 billion.

One executive at Boeing, Dinesh Keskar , predicted the downfall to be brief. “The current downturn in the sector is temporary and may not prolong for more than 6 to 9 months,” he said. Airlines, however, feel that the risk is very much immediate; Jet and Kingfisher are requesting a government bailout package worth Rs 40.7 billion. They are currently losing a combined US$1.3 billion.

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By Jill Brennan

Considering LASIK eye surgery? The LASIK Vision Institute claims that they have done over half a million procedures to date, and almost everyone knows someone who has had the laser eye surgery. The surgery can especially help if you have astigmatism and cannot wear contacts, or have to have custom eyeglasses. However, being optimistic about the results does not make the possible complications disappear. As with any surgery–especially new surgeries with no long-term data–there are complications.

Reliable Information Source

LASIK eye surgery has helped hundreds of thousands of people, but what the doctors gloss over are the percentage of patients who experience complications. Patients may lose ability to see in low-contrast situations (such as at night or in the fog), may be over- or under-treated, may develop dry eye syndrome, the results may diminish over time, and a small percentage of patients lose partial or full vision. Because this is a new technology (the first laser eye surgery procedure was approved in 1998), the long term effectiveness of LASIK is not known, and many doctors do not have adequate training in the machinery.

YouTube Preview Image

Before making the decision to go through a LASIK eye surgery, you should research and understand the problems that can occur and the procedure. There are many ways to do this, including going on-line or calling your doctor. Records of bad LASIK eye surgery and studies of surgical vision correction are easily available and may help you to make the decision.

While you may find a lot of anecdotal evidence on-line, Internet research may not give you accurate information. Make sure you know who is posting the information (if you go to a LASIK website, you’ll probably have to search very hard for the complications).

Consulting a doctor may also be useful, but also be aware that some doctors are interested only in the money they receive. If you want more reliable, more unbiased, sources speak with relatives and friends that have undergone a LASIK eye surgery. People you know will be happy to share with you both the problems and the successes.

What Can Go Wrong?

The consequences of a bad LASIK eye surgery can be very serious, devastating, and difficult to live with. One of the most serious consequences is the complete loss of eye sight. One wrong move made by the doctor and or faulty equipment can leave you with worse vision than when you arrived at the doctor’s office. Also, infection or other post-operative complications can lead to loss of eye sight.

One of the most important phrases in our consumer culture is ‘Let the Buyer beware!’. No where is this more important than in medical procedures. Informing yourself, reliable sources such as health organization, family, friends, and doctors, about the safety of the procedure before making the decision is a smart idea.

Even if LASIK eye surgery is widely used, and–if successful–can be beneficial, there is no guarantee you will not have a bad LASIK eye surgery, and the effects can be devastating and life-long.

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Friday, September 1, 2006

Results of gene therapy trials at the US National Cancer Institute, Bethesda to fight cancer published online yesterday by the scientific journal Science show some levels of success. However experts have warned that despite the promise more work is needed for this to become a viable cure.

Dr Stephen Rosenberg, who lead the research team, said “It’s important to emphasize this is a highly experimental treatment that’s still in the course of development.”

The team treated 17 terminal skin cancer patients with modified cells from their immune systems. The technique uses genetically modified white blood cells (more specifically T cells) to attack and kill the cancer cells. Of the 17 subjects only 2 were cured of the disease (an aggressive form of skin cancer called a melanoma which is usually fatal in advanced stages). Before the treatment, which lasted 18 months, the patients were only expected to live for up to 6 months. The remaining 15 patients were not affected by the treatment.

One of the successful patients was Mark Origer (53) from Wisconsin. He has been fighting cancer since first being diagnosed in 1999. After finding out about the new trial on the internet he applied and, after interviews, was accepted along with 16 other candidates. The treatment removed Origer’s melanoma and also shrunk another tumor in his liver – to the extent it could be removed surgically. Doctors confirmed he was free of the disease last week, nearly 2 years after treatment began. A second man (39) was cleared of his cancer which had spread to the lungs, liver and lymph nodes. Cancer that progresses to the lymph nodes is usually untreatable and fatal.

T cells can attack and destroy bacteria and other harmful cells like cancer cells. However cancer cells sometimes reduce the signals on their outer surface by which they are recognised, so the immune system cannot affect them. Gene therapy involves modifying some of a patients T cells to contain a new receptor. (Receptors are what enable the immune cell to identify harmful cells, like those corrupted by viruses. The new receptor is inserted with the use of a viral vector, i.e. a virus made safe to insert the receptor in the cell.

In the trial, T Cells were removed from each patient and modified in the laboratory. Patients underwent chemotherapy to kill most of their current immune system, which was replaced by the mutated cells. The modified cells successfully survived after injection into the body – making up 10% of the subject’s T cell count during the first 2 months. The team is now looking for ways to enable the cells to survive longer and in greater numbers.

Experts have called this a significant technical advance but warn that more patients need testing and the technique refining before any conclusive results can be drawn. Dr Edel O’Toole, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesman, said: “I think that the success of this approach in two patients shows promise, however 15 patients did not respond to the treatment suggesting that further work is needed to optimise this approach for all patients, which could take many years.”

Rosenberg now hopes to run a new trial with possibly stronger gene therapy treatments, he is currently awaiting FDA approval.

Gene therapy was much hyped after it’s first successful application in so called “bubble boys” (patients with severe combined immunodeficiency). After follow-up, these trials were stopped when it was discovered that three of eleven patients in one trial had developed leukemia.

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Submitted by: Adrianna Notton

Hard contact lenses, also known as rigid or gas permeable contacts, are one of the main types of contact lenses. Wearing rigid contact lenses will usually result in clearer vision and are more resistant to protein and other deposits than soft contacts. The greater resistance to debris and foreign bodies makes them easier to clean, and they tend to last quite a bit longer than a soft contact lens. One thing that soft contacts offer over a rigid contact lens is comfort. Hard contact lenses are generally thought of as less comfortable than soft lenses, and this fact is usually addressed in the overall care procedure. Just as with a soft contact lens, it is very important to follow the care instructions closely for rigid contacts to avoid eye infections.

Typically, your eye care expert will recommend a specific care protocol for your rigid contact lenses. It s important that you follow their instructions without any improvisation, to keep your contacts in good condition and your eyes healthy. After each time you wear your rigid contact lenses, wash your hands very well and dry them off with a lint-free towel to prevent any pieces of fabric getting on the lenses. Remove your right contact lens from your eye and set it in your palm. Apply a few drops of your cleaning solution, according to the instructions, then rub the contact lens gently with a back and forth motion. Once that s done, rinse the lens with solution, rub it with your index finger and rinse it one more time. Place your contact lens in the case and fill it with fresh solution, then repeat the entire process with the left contact lens. It s important not to rinse off your contacts with water or saliva, as bacteria can get on the contact lens and cause eye problems. Use the solution recommended to you and nothing else.

YouTube Preview Image

If you seem to experience protein deposits on your rigid contacts, you may be advised to use an enzymatic cleaner once a week or so to help keep them clear. Don t use it unless your eye care professional has recommended it. If you suffer from dry eyes, which are more likely with rigid contacts, you may want to use a rewetting solution during the day to keep them lubricated. Dry eyes can really put a damper on your day and make wearing contacts quite unenjoyable, so be sure to use a rewetting solution if your eyes are dry from hard contact lens use.

It s also important to keep your contact lens case clean and disinfected. Every time you use the case, rinse it out with solution and then let it air dry. Some people use water to clean out the case, but many eye care professionals advise against it, suggesting solution instead. Many eye doctors also recommend replacing your rigid lens case with a new one every three months to prevent bacteria from contaminating your contacts. Take proper care of your rigid contact lenses, and you ll have a comfortable contact lens experience and healthy eyes.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

President Bush has asked Congress to discuss the option of allowing him to deploy military resources if avian flu breaks out in America.

“I’m concerned about what an avian flu outbreak could mean for the United States and the world,” said the president in a conference today. The president also expressed concern that local response would be slow, given the precedent provided by the recent gulf coast hurricane disasters, the aftermath of which has triggered widespread criticism for what many view as instances of long-delayed and inadequate delivery on the part of the white house and congress. “I want there to be a robust discussion about the best way for the federal government, in certain extreme circumstances, to be able to rally assets for the good of the people,” the President said previously.

Avian flu is not currently able to easily pass from human to human, limiting epidemics. The president and others warn that the virus may mutate into a form that more easily spreads through social contact.

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