e-class: Now Classrooms Go Virtual



e-class is an efficient and affordable comfort as provided by the advancements made in computer technology today. e-class for students has made life infinitely better. The juniors are now even more aware and ever on the growth path courtesy their e-class educational sessions. This unique product from the house of reputed Sundaram Books is greatly going to ease the gap of understanding concepts through this medium of e-class. The audio visual factor and medium of teaching is bound to boost the child’s memory. They are now going to be effortlessly able to comprehend things and potently make use of the knowledge learnt while appearing for their exams.


e-class brilliantly uses computer technology and makes available invaluable educational content for State board students of 1st to 10th standard in English and regional medium. The content is loaded in a USB Drive. Along with the pen drive, a specially built e-box is also provided which may be inserted to a TV or projector and the content is ready to be viewed and grasped by the students. An additional remote control is also given along with the e-box which makes operating things easier. A totally new world is set and ready to be explored as such now. The idea is to have a real teacher in a virtual classroom, teaching students who are bound to look and listen carefully wide eyed and full of enthusiasm. This e-class is not to be mistaken with the classic Mercedes e-class cars. But then come to think of it, with the luxury that e-class virtual education gives to teachers and students along with its affordable price, it beats the luxury car’s e-class version hands down. All the subjects and every chapter of each subject of State Board Syllabus is covered in e-class. The unique features include, apart from a virtual teacher and classroom, question-answer, mind map etc. The e-class content also easily runs on computers and laptops among other such devices. This e-class for students is as much as it is an e-class for teachers. Thus for once, the next generation teaching methods has already arrived. e-class is not meant to just do away with the traditional methods of teaching. The importance of a teacher in the classroom, teaching many students all sitting together is a tradition that is very much needed and important. The significance of a real teacher is not done away with or ignored for that matter. This e-class simply compliments actual classroom teaching. e-class acts as an assistant to the teachers and a friend to the students. The technology, while advanced, is at the same time cheap which means even students in the relatively rural or semi rural areas of India will have easy access to them.

E-class comprises of pen drive that digitally stores the entire syllabus for State Board in English medium & regional medium. It has innovative features like world-class animations, demos of science lab experiments, learning techniques like mind maps and important questions after every chapter.

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e-class: Now Classrooms Go Virtual

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