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One look in the mirror, and you can easily see the problems you have your eyes: puffiness, dark circles, dry skin, and wrinkles. The hard part is finding the best eye cream to resolve or prevent these issues.

There are a few ingredients that have been shown to help with each of these problems. For example, wrinkles hate retinol in moisturizers. However, according to Environmental Working Group s (EWG) Skin Deep website, studies have reported a high toxicity level with retinol. Specifically, it affects reproductive and development organs. Therefore, although some brands claim they have the best eye cream because their product contains retinol, you should have all the facts. Although your wrinkles may decrease, your overall health may not.

Dark circles can be severe, they can give you the appearance of being punched in the eye. This is not the look you want! For the best eye cream, look for a paraben free product with alpha hydroxy acids and hyaluronate. The benefit of these ingredients is that they are not irritating and helps both dry circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. There are paraben free eye concealers to help with dark circles. Always choose a lighter shade than you skin. A cream to powder that is oil free works best.


The wonderful ingredient hyaluronate can hold over 1,000 times its weight in water. This means it keeps moisture in and stops the dryness cycle. It also helps healthy collagen cells to form.

If you have suffered with patches of skin rashes, blemishes, or other skin problems, your best eye cream should be for sensitive skin. Make sure the product is paraben free and fragrance free. Fragrance or perfumes can contain toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde and phthalates, which have been reported to have harmful effects.

Some eye creams or gels contain herbal ingredients and are labeled as natural . These should be used with great caution. Most herbs have been sprayed with pesticides and may have side effects (even organic ones). Just because something is natural, doesn t mean it s good for you. Many so-called natural products have useless plants added just for marketing and not because they are effective.

Sun protection is also very important for choosing the best eye cream. If you find the best eye cream or eye gel for you, and it does not have sun protection, make sure you use a sunscreen under it. Without sunscreen, over exposure to the sun produces free radicals. These molecules can damage your skin and cause premature aging.

You can also find your best eye cream or eye gel to be for day or night use. Nighttime may be easier so that the ingredients are helping to hydrate and help reduce eye problems. When you wake, you apply the right moisturizer, and optional makeup.

Instead of looking for the best eye cream or eye gel, some are resorting to plastic surgery. Before you run to Botox or actual surgery, use the guide in this article and give your best eye cream or eye gel a try. Remember to also drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet.

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